Scrape Website Content With Semalt Expert. GitHub – The Best PHP-based Web Scraper

If you want to download pictures, videos, text or HTML files to your hard drive, you must use a web scraper. A PHP-based web scraper will easily connect to different servers, scrape data, and save it to your computer or mobile device easily. For example, GitHub that is known for its user-friendly interface, can be used to scrape different web documents.

Introduction to PHP:

PHP is one of the most famous programming languages. It has been designed to extract data from different websites. Rasmus Lerdorf created Personal Home Page (PHP) in 1994, and the PHP codes were embedded into HTML codes. You can combine the PHP codes with web templates, data management systems, web frameworks and HTML files. The web servers consist of well- executed PHP codes and help us scrape data from multiple web pages. However, you cannot scrape HTML texts, but can easily cope with images, videos, and audio files. PHP is also suitable for standalone graphical applications and scrapes information from them.


GitHub allows you to crawl different web pages and downloads data automatically. It saves your time and energy. It can also transfer files from one system to another and thus makes it easy for you to extract information from dynamic websites.

1. Suitable for programmers and developers:

GitHub is the only PHP-based web scraper that is used by a large number of programmers and developers. Unlike other ordinary data extraction programs, GitHub can scrape up to 100 pages in a second and fixes all the minor errors in your web documents. Once the data is fully scraped, you can download it to your hard drive for offline uses. The data analysts always set specific goals for their web extraction tasks, and they use GitHub to accomplish their tasks. If they want to scrape data from the latest posts, they can either use GitHub or another PHP-based web scraper. They can capture page titles and descriptions and gather useful data to accomplish their tasks on the internet.

2. Easy-to-use and reliable:

GitHub is a reliable and easy-to-use web scraper. As a student, you can use this program to scrape eBooks, journals, and articles in a large number. GitHub is useful for researchers and students and helps them carry out their projects with ease. As compared to other languages, PHP is extremely easy to learn. If you are familiar with the syntax of Perl and C++, you will be able to learn PHP quickly and get benefited from its web scraper.

3. Supports all operating systems:

Amazingly, GitHub is compatible with all operating systems and web browsers. You can also use this web scraper on your mobile device and perform data scraping tasks anywhere, anytime. With GitHub, you don't need to worry about the quality of your scraped data. In fact, you can monitor its quality while the data is being scraped. GitHub provides a Preview option to let you view the web content easily.

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